Emma Watson – The Full Interview

by Fan on June 1, 2014

See the lovely Emma Watson dance with this lucky Bastard Jimmy Fallon…

So many guys would love to be at Jimmys place and talk and dance with Emma Watson…!



Emma is just a cutie, but still very hot. Just look at the nice pictures below…

It is just crazy how she has developed and changes her image over time, from an innocent girl to a hottie and a little devil sometimes…


THIS is a dream of Wmma Watson Yogapants…


Love her

She rocks!!

That   …. piece  … of. … … you know what ;-))


Harry Potter made me fall in love with her. I am just eager to see what surprise she will bring us in the future.

Emma Watson rocks!

Background image by: http://torguemada.deviantart.com/

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